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Monday, May 7, 2012

It's Prom Season!

Photo Courtesy of Seth Jacobson Photography

We were so happy to host Williams School's Senior Class this past weekend, and are looking forward to having Waterford High School's Seniors this weekend at Stonington Meadows. I must say, I was quite impressed with the decorating committee - they did a great job! Check back to see how our Ballroom was transformed for the festivities!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who's Hungry?

At Coastal Gourmet, the most important things to us is the quality and presentation of our food; along with, of course the overall taste! We pride ourselves in using only the freshest ingredients and gourmet food. It is for this reason that we love doing bridal tastings for our clients (who doesn't like an excuse to show off?!) While the summer might seem far away, it is this time of year that all of the details are starting to fall into place for our 2011 summer brides- beginning with wedding menu tastings.
While we host many private tastings for our brides and grooms, we all look forward to our annual bridal tasting every winter. We are holding our annual group bridal tasting event this coming weeekend and couldn't be more excited about it! It's a day where our brides & grooms get to meet each other in a casual setting, fill up on fabulous food, and share their ideas with eachother about their upcoming weddings.
Whether you are attending a group bridal tasting, or a private one, there are a couple of things to take into consideration when attending one:

This is something you might not think of doing, but keep in mind that almost anything tastes good when you are hungry. Remember that the purpose of a wedding tasting is to get a small sample of the dishes to be served at your wedding. Try not to fill up on one dish, so you can save room to sample others. A couple of bites is enough to determine whether or not you like the taste.

The main objective at a wedding tasting is to ensure that you like what is being offered at your wedding. However, I'm sure there are items that you know that you already like, so why not try something that you are unsure of? We might make the best mashed potatoes, but most people know what mashed potatoes taste like already, so why not try our parmesan herb risotto cakes?
A great thing about Coastal Gourmet is that you can always go into one of our Mystic Markets or restaurants and try something on your own. Order the mashed potatoes with your next steak dinner at Latitude 41, and try our parmesan herb risotto cakes at your tasting! Which takes me to my next point...

You don't have to choose anything that you and your fiance don't care for, but be flexible enough to consider a dish that you might not have initially chosen. A menu item that you wouldn't usually consider might be prepared in a new way that appeals to you, and could just turn out to be your new favorite meal!

It's fun to bring your parents or your future in-laws, but don't bring a large group of friends to your tasting. While you want everyone to enjoy the ultimate wedding celebration, the day really belongs to the bride & groom. It is their tastes that truly matters, and with so many opinions at the table, it's sometimes diffuclt to get a clear idea of what the bride & groom actually like and want for their wedding. Treat the tasting like a date night out for you and your fiance, where you can relax and try fabulous food without the pressures of other people being there.

Don't be afraid to speak with your catering sales coordinator to discuss about what menu items work best within your budget. Lobster tails and filet mignon might have been in the wedding of your dreams, but your prefrences might not match your wallet. You event coordinator will be able to suggest delicious alternatives to some higher priced items that will fit perfectly with your budget. We can also suggest different styles of service, or possibly serving fewer courses for a less expensive menu.

Bring a notepad to the tasting. Take notes on how the food not only looks and tastes, but it's overall presentation. You can use this information to discuss items of interest with your event coordinator at your menu & detail meeting.

Make sure to check back for a recap of our group bridal tasting that we are holding this weekend!
Photography Credits:
Scallops & Tuna Hors'd: Maggie Conley Photography
Scallops Entree: Orchard Cove Photography
Salmon & Filet Entree: Seth Jacobson Photography