Monday, April 30, 2012

Top Wedding Insurance Claims of 2011

While every couple hopes that their wedding day will be seamless, with no unexpected twists or turns throughout the planning process, or on the day of the actual wedding, sometimes things happen that throw a wrench into your plans. Some issues can be easily fixed (think cute boots and umbrellas on a rainy day), and others may cause a financial strain (like having to cancel your outdoor wedding because a hurricane is hitting land the day of your tented wedding). 

Since catering takes up a big portion of the wedding budget, and our team at Coastal Gourmet is so heavily involved in the overall planning process, our clients frequently direct a lot of the "what if" questions our way. 

Some of the most common inquiries:
"What if it rains and my ceremony is planned outdoors?"
"What if it snows and our guests are unable to travel to the wedding?"
"What if one of my vendors doesn't show up?"
"What if we need to cancel the wedding or postpone it for some reason?"

I would like to believe that we have seen it all, and have excellent solutions for almost every scenario that might come up, but on occasion, there are things that are out of our control, or anyone's control for that matter! That is when we suggest purchasing some good'ole Wedding Insurance. 

Propertycasualty360 recently published an article about Wedding Insurance Claims, which might persuade you to consider looking into this option if you are investing a lot into your upcoming wedding celebration. These were the major contributors in 2011:

Unavoidable Cancellations, such as Cold Feet the Day of the Wedding: 4%
Military Deployment: 5%
Attire Problems, like a Bridal Shop Closing: 8%
Weather: 10%
Vandalism/Theft, like someone stealing your wedding cards and cash: 13% 
Sickness/Injury/Mishaps: 19% 
Vendor/Venue Issues or No-Shows: 31% 
*For the full article, click here.

For the record, if you are getting married and you are reading this, YOUR wedding day is going to be the picture of perfection...the sun will be shining, the grass will be green, birds will be chirping, and I am almost certain there will be a rainbow off in the distance that will appear just as you share your first kiss. In the off-chance that my psychic powers are off today, I suggest having a plan-B in case of rain, and an insurance plan in case of any other un-anticipated problems.

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