Tuesday, January 24, 2012

To DIY or Not to DIY... That is the Question

From the very first time I got my hands on a glue stick in Kindergarten, I have been known to have a love of crafting. Getting my hands dirty with everything from modge podge and cardboard to canvas and photographs is just something I enjoy. I love the idea of creating something myself and having it be (almost) as good as if I were to purchase it in a store somewhere. I have mastered a few signature projects of my own, however, my fiance will tell you that I yet to master the art of fully cleaning up after myself after a fun-filled crafts day at home. Like my art, I like to call my cleaning skills a work in progress...

DIY (Do It Yourself) Wedding items have always been popular among brides, and with the explosion of sites like Pinterest, DIY is bigger than ever. Throughout my career, I've seen everything from DIY menus to centerpieces, to bouquets and card boxes.

These items have mainly been popular for two reasons- for one, creating something yourself is usually easier on the wallet than purchasing that same thing; and beyond saving money, some people just really like the idea of getting hands-on with their wedding planning and enjoy feeling the satisfaction of creating something unique that they can call their own.

While I love the concept of "Do It Yourself" Activities, I must admit that I wince a little when my brides tell me their plans to DIY items for their wedding. I fully support DIY anything at an event, however, what many brides fail to completely realize is that while it may seem like ages until their wedding day now, that time is going to fly by quickly- and if they plan on making anything themself, they better start TODAY.

More times than I can count, I have encountered a droopy-eyed bride who comes to deliver all of her wedding decor with me a few days before the wedding and shyly admits that she was up until 3am the night before, finishing all of the last minute details on her projects. "Everything just took so much longer than I anticipated" is a sentence I hear often.

I recently came across this parody bridal video, that is quickly going viral. Created by the wedding channel, it is a humorous video about things bride say. Check Out This Link If You'd Like to See It. As a bride-to-be myself, I have uttered some of these sayings myself, but the part that hit closest to home was when the "bride" confidently states that she is going to DIY everything, and ends up having a major meltdown at the end surrounded by magazine cut outs on her bed.

My advice is that if you plan on doing anything yourself, give yourself more time than you think it will take to complete. Plan on having everything done at least a month to three weeks prior to the wedding, so you don't stress yourself out. Weigh your options... it might be $20 less expensive to make your own invitations, but what about the $40 worth of ink it's going to cost you to print them all off of your own computer? Sometimes DIY just doesn't add up to the savings that you think it will. Enlist family and friends to help you with projects so that they remain fun, and not a burden on your wedding plans, and sometimes Event Planners have packages that will assist you with some of these items. Above all, keep things in perspective and try to remember that your wedding day is going to be the absolute best day of your life- with or without those handmade napkin rings.

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