Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Leftovers

This year, I am lucky enough to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner (my favorite foods all in one meal) twice in one week! This past Sunday, my boyfriend and I celebrated with his cousins and all of their adorable little ones, as everyone is going to be away on the big day. We had all of the traditional foods...Oven Roasted Turkey with Homemade Gravy, Stuffing with Crumbled Bacon, Sweet Potato Casserole with Candied Pecans, Macaroni and Cheese, Green Bean Casserole with Mushrooms and Crunchy Onions, Mashed Potatoes and Sweet Corn...OMG, my mouth is watering again!! Even with all of us eating ourselves into a food coma by 2pm, we still had a TON of leftovers, which I happily took home with me to enjoy for the rest of the week. Last night, I decided to try something a little bit different in an attempt to get rid of all of this food without wasting anything, before our 2nd feast tomorrow in New Jersey with my family! I am by no means a professional chef, but I have to say I am pretty proud of this concoction - it was very tasty! Below is my make-shift recipe for a simple, yummy Thanksgiving Wrap. I hope you'll be inspired to try out this recipe, or a combination from your own leftovers on Friday night!

First, I heated a little olive oil in a pan, then added shredded butternut squash to the oil, along with a spoonful of brown sugar, a few sprinkles of cinnamon, some S&P and a few thin slivers of white onion. I sauteed this on medium heat for a few minutes, until the squash was soft, mixing every few minutes and adding oil here and there to keep it from drying out and sticking to the pan. Once the squash was done, I added some diced up leftover turkey and sauteed for a few more minutes, just to heat the turkey and allow it to absorb some of the spices. While this was cooking, I microwaved some leftover stuffing and mashed potatoes. Then I poured the butternut squash and turkey mix onto a wrap (I used spinach because that was all I had, but I think a white flour, whole wheat or tomato wrap would be better), and added stuffing and mashed potatoes. If you have extra sweet potatoes, gravy or cranberry sauce, I think any of these would add to the flavor as well. I folded up all sides of the wrap like a burrito, then placed the whole thing back in the pan with a little olive oil and cooked on high heat, just for a few minutes on each side, to toast the outside of the wrap and seal everything together. Delicious!

Happy Turkey Day!

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