Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Survive Thanksgiving With A Smile

Who can believe that Thanksgiving is only a week away?! The air has gotten coolor- the leaves are falling off the trees and dispite that freak snow storm a few weeks ago, it definitely FEELS like Fall! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays- it revolves completely around eating all of my favorite foods with none of the hassel of last minute gift shopping and the never ending gift wrapping. I am lucky enough to have someone else cook my Thanksgiving meal this year, for which, I am very thankful for! When somone else is cooking, that means that pretty much my only jobs on Thanksgiving is to lounge on the couch, watch football and of course, EAT.
This is a vast change from my Thanksgiving last year, which I hosted. For all of you out there brave enough to host your own Thanksgiving this year, I wanted to offer a few bits of advice to DE-STRESS your Thanksgiving, while you still have time!

* PLAN AHEAD: What is going to be on your menu? Now is the time to figure that out, if you haven't already. Gather up your favorite family receipes, as well as those yummy new receipes you've been eying in food magazines and on your favorite celebrity chef's blog. Knowing what you are making now is going to help you make a shopping list and prioritize what needs to be put in the oven first once the big day comes.

* TAKE INVENTORY: Do you have all of the extra ingregients you may need (cinnamon, etc)- or do you need to add that to your shopping list? What about pots, pans, strainers, etc? Do you need to borrow anything from friends or family? Find this out now. Don't forget to check garbage bags, extra tin foil and storage for leftovers!

* DELEGATE & ORGANIZE: (This is my favorite part, In my family, they call me Miss.Bossy... apparently I like "delegating" a little too much!!).... Figure out who is bringing what- the holidays are about everyone coming together, and what better way to discover a new potential favorite receipe then everyone bringing their own?

* PREP: Prep the little stuff the day before- Iron the tableclothes & napkins, stack and count plates, set the table if you can. Anything you do today will make your Turkey Day that much easier. In my family, we like to have a little "Thanksgiving Eve" Party with all of the girls, where we drink some wine and get all of this stuff together. (Who said you can't have fun while working?!)

*DAY OF: Smile! You've made it! The best kept secret of a good event planner is to know when to ask for help. You want this to be a great day, and usually guests are looking for something to do to help you with. Don't be afraid to pull someone away from the tv to help you in the kitchen, and alternatively, don't be afraid to let your guests know if you need some space in the kitchen to concentrate. Tip: Keep the bar in another room, so that guests don't have to keep interrupting to you to re-fill their cocktail.

Finally- it's ok to cheat a little!!! Mystic Market offers awesome Thanksgiving options for you to order & pick up ahead of time. You can find the menu online here. This way, you get to spend the entire day OUT of the kitchen and with your guests. Most importantly... HAVE FUN & Be Thankful for the people who surround you!

PS. Want to Raise Some Eyebrows at the Dinner Table This Year?

Cut out aluminum foil and place on the turkey to make a bikini...

Roast the way you usually would and take the foil off

once you take the turkey out of the oven and voila!

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