Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Sock Bun

I have gotten several requests for a blog about my fabulous hair secret....so here goes!

I have very long hair, and sometimes I just don't have the energy to dry it, curl it, straighten it or do much of anything with it, so it ends up in a ponytail or bun. My buns, however, look like tiny little knots at the nape of my neck, or messy nests on top of my head with strings of hair sticking out all over the place. I used to flip through magazines and secretly curse the celebs with the perfectly round ballerina buns, or the messy but pretty and flirty buns...no wispy hairs sticking out, no bulge on one side and barely any hair on the other...just a perfectly round, voluminous bun. I credited their rich and famous lifestyle...if I could afford fake locks to add to my own, or a stylist to do my hair for me every time I left the house, surely my hair would look like that, too...

...until recently, when I came upon this wonderful little gem...the sock bun! This is the easiest hair fix you'll ever find. Whether you need a quick 2nd day hair-do or you are just looking for something different to do with your hair, anyone can do this without the assistance of a professional. This is a great idea for your rehearsal dinner or post wedding brunch. Who wants to wake up the morning after their wedding and fuss with curls or bobby pins or hire a hair stylist for more than one event in a weekend? Leave it loose and messy, or sleek and polished, dramatic or casual...can't go wrong.

Here's how you do it:

1. Put your hair in a low, mid or high ponytail.

2. Find a tube sock that is close to the color of your hair (or just light/dark for blond/brunette) - I use a black sock and I have dark brown hair. Cut off the toe so that the sock is literally a tube.

3. Begin rolling the sock into a donut, starting on one end and rolling until the entire length of the sock is inside the donut.

4. Put the donut sock on the end of your ponytail with your hair in the center of the donut, then wrap the end of your hair around the sock to start the bun.

5. Using both hands, and holding the hair you started with in place, begin rolling the donut slowly so that your hair continues to wrap around the sock donut. Your hair will start to cover the sock, but you'll want to use your fingers to spread it around the entire circle so that the sock is completely covered. If you want a messy bun, pull some pieces gently to loosen them - if you want a clean bun, roll slowly and tuck all pieces evenly around the sock.

6. Once your bun is against your head you are done! You don't need bobbypins, but I used one or two to secure the bun just in case. Add a ribbon, headband, funky clip, etc. or wear it simply as is!

Click on the photo below to view Three Pink Dots' Blog for more photos and tips - this is where I found this incredible trick!


  1. you can do this bun just by using bobby pins no sock required! just make pony tail and then softly fold tail around in a bun like form then bobby pin loosely the top two sides and bottom and viola!

    1. Its not the same. This adds volume to the bun. If you have fine hair like I do a normal bun is a sad...sad... pittaful thing.

  2. This doesn't make sense.��

  3. I agree I wouldn't be able to figure this out by the directions. I think I would need some step by step pics. what is a sock donut anyway?

  4. The only reason I know what they are talking about is bc I just bought the 'donut' for my daughter's ballet class to put her fine hair in a bun. You slip your pony tail through the hole of the donut (or rolled up sock) and secure the hair around the donut. The donut creates the shape of the bun and the hair you pin hides the donut. You can purchase one at Sally's for a few dollars and it probably works better than a sock, bc it looks closer to real hair and is made to put pins through.

  5. I am totally confused! I agree with you all...what is a sock donut?

  6. Check YouTube for "sock bun" - you'll find great videos showing how to do it!

  7. Check out aspottedpony.com to get a better description.

  8. Basically, you roll a sock "into itself" after cutting the toe. Making a small Donut looking circle. Put your hair in a pony tail, and then through the hole of the "donut" (my socks were even about the size of a donut when i was done..) I put my head down and basically stare at the ground while I set the hair around the sock, using a comb. Head down to create a flat-ish surface for your hair to sit on. Then wrap a pony tail around your hair and the sock. All that it is, is a shaper, to eep your bun in place and looking full. Basically imagine wrapping your hair around a real donut, then securing it with a pony tail. NOw just use a sock to do it :] It's really easy if you just try it, i promise. I'm in the military and this trick has saved my life. I have medium length hair, just below my shoulders, and in this sock bun it looks like my hair could be endless. it's gorgeous :]

  9. If you're still confused, you can find videos on youtube with a better tutorial. It's pretty simple once you get how to do it.

  10. I did this with my children. It really is quite simple and I am hair fashion challenged! Once you get doing this the directions will make perfect sense to you. Just give it a shot because if I can do it, truly ANYBODY can do it!

  11. Directions On How To Accomplish The Sock Bun
    1.) Put hair into a normal ponytail
    2.) Take A tubesock that is closest to your natural hair color and cut of the toe of the sockip
    3.) Starting at the end of the sock where you just cut the toes, roll the sock into a shape of a doughnut.(It will start to look like you're just turning the sock inside out, but will look like a ring shape also)
    4.) Once your sock is in the shape of a ring, pull your ponytail through the center of the ring. (Almost as if you were putting a scrunchi in your hair)
    5. Bring the ring to the very end of your ponytail. Where only an inch or two is going outside of the center of the ring
    6. Bring the hair that is outside of the ring and wrap around the ring. Hold.
    7. Begin rolling the ring up, or towards your head, (your hair will spread around the ring as you go)
    8. Secure the hair in place with bobypins & hairspray!
    ~Hope this helped!