Thursday, November 17, 2011

Setting the Stage

Here at Coastal Gourmet, our mission is to provide our customers with the finest gourmet food, artistically prepared, using the freshest ingredients. We consider our creative presentations to be our signature. I've always been in love with the "details"- I love when food is presented in a way that not only the aromas make your mouth water, but it's visual appearance makes you hungry. Beyond what our phenominal chefs do in the kitchen, I love working with my clients to find the very best stuff to serve their menu items on and to set the venue with to really wow them and their guests.

Keri Gannon & I were recently at an a great event co-hosted by Rentals Unlimited & AFR Event Furnishings at the State Room in Boston. The food was yummy, but the focus wasn't on the food. Being that a rental & furniture company was hosting the event, the overall constant theme throughout the evening was the fact that setting the stage for your event is paramount. Everywhere we looked, guests were "ooing" and "ahhing" over different linens draped over tables with various china sets & silverware that Rentals Unlimited offers. There were various lighting areas set up with chic sofas and comfy chairs, and everywhere we looked, we kept whispering "how cool is that?!" or "Our clients would love this" It was all about setting an inviting atmosphere that was appealing.

Here are some of AFR's Set Ups:

Some things I'm loving from Rentals Unlimited Right Now:

Clockwise: 13" Copper Glass Bloom Charger Plate, Demitasse Sippers (Perfect for soups for a passed hors'd during cocktail hour), Martini Glass with Blue Side Stem, Tea & Toast Set (Great for salad & soup combinations for dinner service!)

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