Monday, September 26, 2011

Hottest Wedding Accessory

The hottest new wedding accessory doesn't have to do with stationary, wedding cake styles, or even dresses... it's nail polish. (Yes ladies, I said nail polish). Shellac hit the streets in 2010 and has become all the rave since. You don't even have to be a bride to indulge in this new trend!Shellac looks just as good, if not nicer than acrylic nails, and appears much more natural. Shellac is a special kind of nail polish that lasts for atleast 14 days without chipping, smudging, or loosing shine or shimmer. Your Shallac experience will start like any other manicure- the difference is the polish- after each coat, it must cure under UV lights. It takes a couple of minutes longer than a regular manicure, but you leave the salon with dry fingernails, which are chip & smudge resistant.
I was blown away when I had my first shellac manicure and two weeks later, it looked as fresh as the day I got it done. I am now officially hooked, and have started to get shellac pedicures too! It's the perfect solution for brides who want beautiful nails on their wedding day, and have them last throughout their honeymoon. Heck, it's the perfect solution for the hard working chick who might not have time to get her nails done all the time, and simply wants her nails to look nice, sans chips or loosing shine! Happy Polishing, Ladies!

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  1. I agree, I love shellac. Hoping the color choices expand a bit at my saloon soon.