Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Feeling Bubbly?

For many of our spring & summer weddings, we love to offer our signature hydration station for guests who arrive prior to the ceremony. Ice cold lemonade, iced tea, and fresh fruit infused water makes a wonderful way to welcome guests for any event.
Most recently, I have been receiving a lot of requests to add Prosecco to the mix. Who doesn't love a little bit of the bubbly? Prosecco is an Italian white wine, generally a dry or extra dry sparkling wine. Known as the main ingredient of the Bellini cocktail, it has recently become popular as a lovely alternative to champagne.It's the perfect way to start off an event since Prosecco is intensely aromatic and crisp, with hints of yellow apple, white pear, peach and apricot. It tastes fresh and light, and compared to other sparkling wines, has a lower alcohol content, offering just the right amount of "kick" for guests at the start of an event. It's quickly becoming many of my bride's favorite cocktail to offer!

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