Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Easy Steps to a Healthier You #4

SUPERFOODS! And I don't just mean Super Yummy... these foods are great for you too!
Since it is the last day of Summer, I have to plug shellfish! Shellfish, in general, is an excellent source of zinc, calcium, copper, iodine, iron & potassium.

We always knew that adding a raw bar to your event was an excellent idea. You should also know that it is a healthy choice as well! It is Oysters though, that stand above the rest. Oysters are known for their ability to elevate testosterone levels and protect against prostate cancer.

Atichokes are fiber-rich and pack more potassium and magnesium than any other vegetable. They are rich in vitamin C and have eben proved to reduce the risk of strokes and amp up your immune system. Our Chef's Insider Tip: Ripe ones feel heavy for their size and sqeak when they are squeezed.

Summer means Blueberry Pie!! Why not induldge before the season is over. (We make an awesome Blueberry Pie, if I do say so myself!) Blueberries might be tiny, but they pack a punch- helping to prevent an array of diseases- from cancer to heart disease, as well as serving as an immunity booster.

All this talk about yummy super foods has made me hungry! Is it lunchtime yet??

Thanks Fitbie!

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