Monday, December 20, 2010

Silk, Satin & Chiffon

Taffeta, Charmeuse, Tulle & Organza!! Oh wait... Brocade, Eyelit & Peau de Soie!! Ok, I think I've gotten it all out of my system. Yes, ladies & gentlemen, I am speaking in my new favorite language... FABRIC. You see, I got caught up in a sort of love affair this past weekend, and it was lust at first sight.

I had the opportunity to go wedding dress shopping with my sister on Saturday. She is getting married next November to her long-time love, and I couldn't be happier for her and my future brother in-law. Dress shopping is actually something that I have little experience in. It is an aspect of the wedding planning process that as a Catering Sales & Event Manager, I am usually not a part of. My clients reserve the time they spend dress shopping with their family, and for the most part, I don't get to see THE DRESS until the big day.
So, as you can see, this past weekend was a special treat!

The experience was actually less stressful and a little more emotional than I had anticipated.

Both mothers were on hand (mine and her future mother-in-law), as well as my younger sister and I (her two fabulous bridesmaids!). As soon as we arrived, we were escorted to a comfortable sofa, where things got started rather quickly. My sister wasn't exactly sure what she wanted, so we encouraged her to try on everything. The fabrics and different dress styles started flowing, with the bridal store attendant giving us a little bit of information on each dress before my sister tried them on. I tried to pay attention to everything the bridal attendant was telling us, but I quickly realized that as beautiful as each dress was, it didn't matter what any of them were made of, or how they looked. The only thing that mattered was that my sister felt like the bride she aways dreamed of being in the dress she chose.

After many different dresses, it turned out that the second dress she tried on struck her the most. She tried it on one more time after she had finished with all the others, and proudly exclaimed, "This is it!" With a that, we all cheered, and a few tears were shed. It was as if this whole wedding process was finally becoming real. All of the pieces were falling into place, with this dress as just one more piece of the puzzle that was now set. She kept saying, "I can't believe this is my wedding dress, this is so surreal!"

If you ask me, what was most surreal was the fact that she picked out a dress within an hour of us being at the store! My little Speedy Gonzales... "Arriba Arriba!"
Thank you, Maura, you rock!

I would love to tell you what each dress looked like and what her final choice came out to be, but I have been sworn to such a high level of of secrecy, that I am afraid if I give even a little hint I might be banned from the wedding completely!
(This is the only picture she allowed me to post of the entire day)

I can tell you that she chose a timeless, classic, elegant dress that she looks absolutely stunning in.

She found a dress that makes her feel like royalty, and she will certainly look like the princess she deserves to be on her wedding day.

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